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SULMEDOL® Testimonials

“Like most teenagers, ice cream was one of my favourite desserts, but it didn’t like me. I finally gave up eating it all together because I would get such severe cramping that it just wasn’t worth it. I also stopped eating pizza and anything with cheese on it for the same reason.

My dad was given a bottle of a new product called Sulmedol that he was told could eliminate lactose intolerance. I took it on and off for about a month, but didn’t pay much attention to the effect that it had on me, because I had pretty much given up on eating any dairy products. I finally really noticed a difference one night when my dad made his homemade macaroni and cheese which I really like. I ate a lot and had no gut pain at all.

After that I continued to eat dairy products without any problems for about 6 weeks. My cramping returned after that, but it wasn’t as severe. My dad got me another sample and I took it faithfully everyday for a couple of weeks. My symptoms disappeared and I have not had any issues with digesting lactose for the last 6 months.”
Matthew B

“This product is amazing! The results will surprise you. I only developed lactose issues 2 yrs ago at the age of 62. It was difficult giving up cheese, yogurt and ice cream. When a relative suggested I try Sulmedol I was willing to give it a try. I purchased 2 bottles taking 2 supplements per day (approx 3 months to complete). This is not an expensive product and is so worth the money. I can now have all my favourites! I still prefer almond milk though because the enzyme in milk is the hardest to digest.”

“My son was severely lactose intolerant, so we had to be very careful about reading labels and keeping everything he ate dairy free. After 4 weeks on Sulmedol, he was symptom free when we tested. He finished the bottle (7 weeks total), and now he is able to eat whatever he wants! Thanks, Sulmedol!”
Melanie R. (aka Mom)